Education Services and Partner Lab

Education Services

Here at ComResource we recognized that knowledge is a key part of the foundation required to build industry leading resources. Our instructors are experienced professionals in the storage industry that have been trained to deliver coursework utilizing instructional techniques that optimize the learning experience for students. We can help you to deliver the right training at the right level to resources wherever you need, or in our newly finished learning center onsite at our corporate headquarters.

ComResource’s State-of-the-Art Training Room

Partner Lab

When the training and shadow engagements are complete where do you send a resource in order to hone their skills, test a proposed solution, or validate a script? With our onsite, state of the art testing and training lab environment we are uniquely positioned to help your resources go to the next level. Either working onsite or remotely, our partner lab serves as both a training aid for employees and partners as well as a testing environment.