Software Development

Maximize the potential…

We believe that well designed software applications can strengthen the position of the company. Our developers can help you increase awareness and enhance productivity by providing a thorough assortment of data management, web applications, and customer applications.

Software development encompasses the design and support of tailored cutting edge and legacy environment solutions. We can help you maintain high performing legacy applications, implement modern technical trends and innovations, or help determine the best combination to meet your needs.

As part of Professional Services, the Software Development Practice provides qualified, well-trained and supported resources that can deliver application enhancements, integration, implementations, migrations, and new solutions.

How can our developers help your business?

The ComResource Software Development practice is a growing team of IT Professionals that are part of a company recognized as an IT Delivery Services leader in Central Ohio with nationwide customers.
Our developers specialize in diverse technologies within data management, web applications, client/server applications, and test automation development. We strive to meet any support or development need with tailored cutting edge and legacy environment solutions. ComResource developers participate in a variety of roles from support & development to lead & architecture decisions. We recognize potential issues with outsourcing and strive to bridge the gaps with localized interaction of managers, business analysts, test teams, and users.
ComResource places a strong focus on our customer relationships and ensures we are working with and cultivating industry-leading development professionals. We train, support and mentor our developers to provide a higher quality of service. ComResource provides regular gatherings for our developers to share lessons-learned, growth opportunities, and technical trends & innovations. Our personalized attention allows us to ensure customer needs are exceeded while enabling developers to expand and fulfill their career paths.
Please let ComResource provide you a thorough review of custom skills that will fit your tools, roles, and environment. Get in touch with us today.