Remote Managed Support

Your business success depends on your ability to integrate with your partners and applications. You need ComResource to deliver proactive services that reduce your cost of ownership while keeping your business running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

ComResource’s Remote Managed Support is designed to help those companies who want to reduce their costs through utilizing strategic outsourcing or simply need additional resources with strong expertise on the IBM Middleware solutions to optimize their use of the solution. You choose whether you want your IBM Middleware to run in a private cloud or on your own premises.

Program Benefits


  • On premise deployment or hosted in a private cloud.
  • Payment terms either set # of hours per month or unlimited hours.
  • Ability to easily and inexpensively transition back to managing things in house if the need ever arises.

Resources can stay focused on your key business drivers not on IT or middleware support. Those middleware requirements will be handled by our experts.

Skills that fit the work you have when you need it. Whether it’s an architect, performance engineer, mapping, security, or product expert or just a general consultant we have them all.

Rates that are below market value and constant for all resource types, whether you need a performance engineer, security expert or general consultant.

Return on Investment for RMS is easily justified through improved and expanded automation, reduced expenditures for managing your middleware, faster partner on-boarding and new map creation.

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