Budgeted Consulting Services

ComResource’s Budgeted Consulting Services is designed for those companies who need help due to resource or expertise constraints.

Budgeted Consulting Services gives you the peace of mind that you can quickly and efficiently meet the needs and wants of your internal business units and your trading partner community while sticking to a planned budget.

Enjoy the flexibility of engaging our team as you need the work performed and not incur any additional cost if the project goes over your monthly hour allotment.

In addition to no penalty for going over your hours, your unused hours simply roll over from one month to the next to make sure no part of your allocated time is ever lost or wasted.

Our program is designed to give you the right resource when you need it and not be concerned with cost.

Level out the peaks and valleys of typical IT and IS costs and enable yourself to be more agile to the needs and wants of your customers, suppliers and business units.

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