Managed Services

“I have worked with ComResource over the past 5 years and used their expertise and experience to leverage our soft and hard assets to full potential.  We have worked to provide realistic business implementation options that best fit our business needs.  ComResource has provided best of breed, cost effective, long terms solutions.” — Carey Iwahashi, Applications Manager Konami

We offer a wide range of Managed Services and Support:

ComResource offers a Managed Services platform which allows our engineers to remotely manage and resolve most issues relating to your integration solution. Your business success depends on your ability to integrate with your partners and applications. You need ComResource to deliver proactive services that not only keep your business up and running but also running effectively and efficiently.

Remote Managed Services will give you the peace of mind that your integration solutions are running smoothly and any problems are resolved quickly and accurately. We work with your teams and your partners to resolve all issues whether system or data related and we do it reliability, immediately and at an affordable price.

Managed Services Reduces Operating Costs and Promotes IT for Large and Small Organizations

Managed Services is a rapidly growing offering in all market segments. These offerings allow organizations to quickly improve productivity and scalability while minimizing initial acquisition costs as well as ongoing costs to internally support the solution.

Organizations are now concentrating on remaining lean with a laser focus on core products and services while outsourcing those tasks that are not intrinsic to their business.

Infrastructure has become a key target where organizations are saving money and improving performance by relying on experts.

This strategic offering has now opened the window for all organizations, both large and small, to leverage expertise to streamline their business processes. Due to the high internal cost of acquiring expertise to implement and maintain enterprise infrastructure solutions, Managed Services typically has an extremely fast and strong return on investment. Cost and having unlimited scalability at the drop of a hat is why Managed Services is such a success.

ComResource, Inc., a Columbus-based technology consulting firm, offers a Managed Services platform which allows our engineers to remotely manage and resolve most issues relating to their integration solution.