Managed File Transfer

We have extensive expertise implementing the following IBM based solutions:

Enterprise-Wide File Transfers

    IBM Sterling File Gateway

  • IBM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centers of file transfer activity, and facilitates the secure exchange of file-based data over the internet. Onboarding features, communication channel support, and dynamic mailbox-based routing, helps improve operational execution and time to revenue.

Point-to-Point File Transfers

    IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is the leading solution for secure, point-to-point file transfers. It has been optimized for high-volume, assured data delivery of files within and between enterprises, and provides script-based automation, scheduling and alert notifications for 24×7 unattended operations.

MFT Visibility

    IBM Sterling Control Center

  • IBM Sterling Control Center gives you a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment—plus the power to respond quickly and efficiently to exceptions, and changes in your environment.
  • ComResource Business Visibility

  • We have built many custom visibility tools for customers. We will be releasing a standard tool for IBM B2B Integrator soon!

MFT Security

    IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

  • IBM Secure Proxy is a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based application proxy that protects your file transfers from the public Internet, by enforcing tight controls including trading-partner authorization, multi-factor authentication and session break, before the transfer ever enters your trusted zone.