Implementation Methodology Overview

Methodology Overview

ComResource follows a defined set of repeatable project lifecycle standards for each implementation.

Our project lifecycle methodology template has been refined over the years to help ensure that best practices are followed, predictable events are anticipated, and that projects can be delivered on time and within budget.

By offering a fully supported project lifecycle ComResource is able to identify risks throughout the project, offer close tracking of critical path tasks, channels for escalation of potential risks, and lastly, support and knowledge-transfer to the client.

The repeatable templates below allow us to quickly engage clients and to offer a plan that will help ensure a successful implementation.

Verify solution assumptions – No surprises

Output from Sales Cycle: The Sales team is involved throughout the project lifecycle and is held accountable for discussions made throughout the sales cycle. What is promised will get delivered.

Understand the current solution and how the new solution will incorporate existing processes

We use this opportunity to identify costly events in the process of doing business as-is today. Examples: manual steps that can be automated or improved upon, costly events in terms of time or dollars that can be streamlined.

Deliverable: Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Review the Scope

Team-based collaborative review of Statement of Work (SOW), solution targets, pain points, expectations, and timelines/deadlines. This is an opportunity to unify the teams and develop the same vision for the project.

Architect, Design and Plan Phase

In this phase, we design the physical and logical layouts of the future solution; ensuring that the architecture of the new solution meets the operational and support objectives; as well as business functions needed by the business.

Define the solution

Deliverable: Solution Design Document (SDD). Both teams review for accuracy and completeness. The SDD is a living document that details the solution and can be used by support after handoff.

Define the timeline for the solution

Deliverable: Project Plan. Once the solution has been designed, we will set expectations for duration and track to those. The plan will account for resource availability, critical path items and be an early indicator for risks to the project.

Environment Readiness

By leveraging ComResource’s experience in implementations, we are able to proactively identify environment risks and will work with clients to prepare their internal environments before the installation and configuration begins.

Component and Application Configuration

The business aspects of the implementation are often the most critical to the success of the project. Once the environment is ready, installation is straightforward.

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Custom Development of Specific Use Cases: Identified in the SOW and designed in the SDD, custom development work can be done in parallel in ComResource’s labs or in the client’s environment after the configuration is complete.

Testing and Migration

Multiple layers of testing throughout the project lifecycle ensure that each component works initially and will integrate with other components seamlessly. A final suite of end to end tests ensure that the entire solution works as designed.

Migrations can occur either as an upgrade from a previous version of an IBM/Sterling product or as a new setup from a different product or suite of products. Our architects work to understand how best to consolidate and migrate from other areas; whether it is shell scripting, other products, or internal events that happen at either the file or database level.

Knowledge Transfer and Custom Training

To ensure that the solution is maintainable, specific steps are taken throughout the project lifecycle. This will ensure that our clients are able to support operational tasks as well as knowledge of how to extend the product through customized training classes, if applicable.

Ongoing Support

ComResource is committed to the success of our clients. We offer a Budgeted Consulting Services (BCS) program to enlist Support On Demand to help add to the return on investment of software and services. Our programs are available as a monthly allotment of hours used at the discretion of the client for specific development requests or support functions.