Flexible Foundation

ComResource’s Flexible Foundation provides the simplest and most efficient approach to implementing your integration solutions.

Save time and money using this approach.

Ease of a Framework but without the constraints!

Frameworks provide pre-built flows but cost you flexibility by making you adhere to their constraints. They are costly and need to be maintained when new versions are released. The Flexible Foundation has no on-going maintenance charges and is fully supported since there are no custom services or adapters.

Using best practices we maintain the ability to build a unique configuration to fit the needs of your business. Flex offers streamlined process patterns and methodologies that allow you to simplify the setup of your business processes and quickly on-board new partners and is built to use standard product features like properties files and search capabilities.

Flex Foundation Benefits

  • Proven Process Patterns from years of experience that allow you to run your business processes, not someone else’s that you try to make work.
  • Best Practices that take advantage of the core product features that will be fully supported with new versions.
  • No Maintenance Fees that other Frameworks charge to keep their solutions running. You own the source and are in control of your solution.

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