Career Development

A Career Plan helps you determine your skills and interests, what career path best fits your goals and talents, and what assignments, mentoring and training you will need to maximize your chosen career path. ComResource will work with you to develop a Career Plan that maps the what, where, how, and when in order to reach your goals. 

When you complete an engagement, our practice leads, experienced recruiters and resource management professionals will help you take the next steps to stay on course with your career plan. Part of this process includes developing a resume that best highlights your skills and experience – by working together on this task, both you and ComResource professional staff will be able to discuss your background and goals with clients and hiring managers.

ComResource’s State-of-the-Art Training Room

Another component of a Career Plan is Training. In addition to facilitating opportunities to train via traditional mediums (e.g. brown bags, User Groups, CBT, offsite instructional) we also have a state-of-the-art training facility that provides our employees access to a variety of in-house training opportunities.

With a diverse number of ComResource service offerings, our employees start out with a specific career path that will inevitably evolve over time. This may translate to a new role, technology or overall path. One success story is a middleware integration specialist who wanted to transition to a Project Management role (outside of the middleware space). ComResource provided training and mentoring opportunities that allowed him to be a top project coordinator for our largest client.  He continued to expand his skill set specifically working to achieve a PMP certification.